Must Love Veg is now 100% focused on helping you find vegan and vegetarian events across the world. In the last few weeks we removed the Members/Login feature of our site and made changes to the site to make it run faster and help you find events more easily. Here’s a list of some of the changes:

  • We removed the Members feature after notifying our users that their accounts were going away. This lets us focus on finding and showing events, and makes the site a lot faster.
  • We moved the main events search to our homepage so that you have one less click to make to find events.
  • We changed the events search so that it will ask you for your location and then automatically show you events 50 miles from you.
  • We created a Safe Spaces page to list veg groups that run events but may not want their events in the main search (examples: LGBTQ+, Women-Only, People of Color, 50+). Any of those groups can contact us and we will gladly start pulling their events in the main event search.
  • We created a Conferences page to list Online and Worldwide conferences that are listed in Must Love Veg.
  • And we started adding events from across the world! We are no longer limiting the events to the U.S. and Canada.

We hope these changes, and future changes, help you to more easily find veg-friendly events near you.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments.

– The Must Love Veg Team

We have a big update today! The Events search just became a whole lot more useful and less cluttered. We are now automatically filtering the Events page by your registered location if you are logged in. So register if you haven’t already and let us know what you think. This will make the site more usable as we keep adding more events from across the country.

A few other fixes/changes we made:

  • We fixed an issue that wasn’t letting you change your password.
  • You can now click the “I want to attend this event” button on an event even if it is in progress.
  • We improved the “remind me with Google Calendar” button on an event to add more relevant information to your calendar, including links to the event’s page.
  • And we are now hiding spammers from the members search once they have been reported as such.

More to come!

– The Must Love Veg Team

You can now search for local veg events, say you are going to an event, and then connect with other members who are going or went. Any member is also able to add an event and we can automatically pull in events from Meetup groups, Facebook pages, and Eventbrite profiles. Read the FAQ for more details on how to create events and how to get your organization/group’s events imported into the events calendar.

We have already imported close to 400 events, and that was just in a few hours and mostly in the Maryland area. Please contact us if you know of a group whose events aren’t yet on the calendar.

And organizational profiles just got better with more fields to share, including categories and tags.

We will be improving the events section over time and we are open to your suggestions to make it work even better for you. We got it finished up just in time for our table at the Baltimore VegFest today so come say hi!

– The Must Love Veg Team

We have been making some small changes to the site over the past few weeks in preparation for adding events to the site by early May. So you might have noticed the site looking a little different and we hope you like the changes. And now when you login from the homepage we no longer redirect you right to the Members search page, so you will get to decide where you want to go from there.

We have also updated our homepage to capture our focus on making a free veg event calendar a large part of the site. Soon you will be able to search for local veg events, say you are going to an event, and then connect with other members who are going or went. Any member will be able to add an event and we will be able to automatically pull in events from Meetup groups, Facebook groups, and Eventbrite. That will be coming in the next few weeks once it is ready.

We have also added a Veg Resources page that we hope will help people in their transition to a plant-based/veg/vegan lifestyle or continuation of their existing plant-based/veg/vegan lifestyle. Visitors can select whether they are motivated by animals, the environment, or their health. And then they will see a tailored list of guided programs, getting started sites, movies, books, health and nutrition sites, recipe sites, eating out sites, and other sites. Please contact us if you want to suggest a resource to be added.

And one more thing: we will have a table at the Baltimore VegFest on May 6 so come say hi!

– The Must Love Veg Team

We just released a BIG update to Must Love Veg.

What’s new:

  • Our logo!
  • Login:
    • If you try to login with spaces in your username you will still be able to login. Some users may have been having trouble logging in if they put spaces in their username when they logged in.
  • Search:
    • We are now displaying a user’s abbreviated State next to their City in the Members search.
    • The Members search page will no longer refresh itself to get your search settings when you access it.
    • And we fixed a bunch of other things under the hood.
  • Organization Accounts:
    • We have added the ability for Organizations (for-profit and non-profit) to create accounts on Must Love Veg. They will enter the required registration details just like everyone else, but then they can scroll down on the registration page and click on a link that they are an Organization. Then they can fill in an extra field.
    • Organizations will not show up in the Members search results, but users can Friend them and then they will show up under the user’s Friends list.
    • This is to support some new features that will be coming soon to Must Love Veg.

We hope you like the changes and there are more to come. Please let us know if you encounter any issues on the site.

– The Must Love Veg Team

We just updated user private message inboxes and sent folders. We tried to make it a little cleaner and easier to view on mobile. We also modified the new message form to make it a little clearer how it works. We hope you like the changes.

– The Must Love Veg Team

We noticed that the Member search had stopped loading your default search settings. We think we fixed it, and we also made it so that the Relationship Status and For search fields will return users who have not yet set those fields in their profile. Please let us know if you notice any issues.

– The Must Love Veg Team

We made some changes to the site that hopefully make it more accessible and usable, especially on mobile devices. We hope you like the changes and that they make your experience on the site better. Please email us if you have any comments or suggestions.

What was changed:

  • We fixed it so that pages will not zoom in on mobile devices when you are selecting form fields. This should keep the page properly zoomed-out and readable when you update your profile or change search settings.
  • Member Search: We fixed the “Clear Search” link so that it clears out the location and miles from a previous search. This had been resulting in users seeing 0 search results even though they had changed their search parameters.
  • Member Search: We are now putting 4 users on each row instead of 3, and we increased the number of users per page to 16 from 12.
  • Member Search: We made each user’s photo larger, made their whole user box clickable to go to their profile, removed their “View profile” button, and made the text of each user box a darker black on a light grey background.
  • Profiles: We added a confirmation window when adding or removing a friend. This way you won’t accidentally send someone a friend request or remove someone as a friend.
  • Profiles: We made the user’s profile picture smaller on mobile devices and moved the Friend/Message/Report buttons to the right of their picture. We also moved the “Report user” button down below the other buttons.

– The Must Love Veg Team

We want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day!

We hope you are having a great day whether you are single or not.

And we are excited that we already have over 40 members in just 3 short days. We have a lot of great improvements to the site coming soon.

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any feedback on the site you can email us at the link on top of every page.

– The Must Love Veg Team